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Lamentations on technology and Disney princesses

In this episode, Chad and Patrick talk about attending the Safe-D conference in Galveston, technological miscues at the Iowa Caucus, the end of Internet Explorer, and why Chad's least favorite Disney princess.

The future of ZacTax, software spies, and zipper merges

In this episode of ZacCast, we talk about the future of ZacTax and our company, Eight20 Consulting. We also talk about software spying and why we wanted to remove third-party tracking software from ZacTax. And we wrap up with a discussion about the ever controversial "zipper merge."

Fresh Prince and Strong Towns

In this episode of ZacCast, from fresh prince to urban development patterns, it's things that make you reevaluate your entire existence. We dig in to some of the more controversial elements of the Strong Towns movement, including its prescriptions for where we spend the public's money, and how we organize our teams to make the biggest impact.

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