The world's most expensive bathroom

On this episode, we talk about:
  • The world's most expensive bathroom, the regulations that led to it, and how can we be better in our own cities?
  • Houston is broke, but why? 
  • McKinsey suggests automated vehicles will induce continued population expansion into outer ring neighborhoods and rural areas
00:22 - New TeamZac member
01:32 - Setting hiring policy on the podcast
02:55 - Generations Z and Alpha
03:51 - The difference between Pat and Chad
06:09 - The most expensive public restroom
14:31 - Can we incorporate staff accountability for getting a project done?
16:18 - The Purple Slip
19:38 - Can we just empower employees?
28:16 - Houston is broke
39:36 - On urban highway expansion
48:03 - McKinsey on the benefits of autonomous vehicles
57:47 - Could AVs eliminate the need for parking?
60:15  - AV cabs as public transportation: worst of both worlds?
62:04 - Special announcement time


Creators and Guests

Chad Janicek
Co-founder of ZacTax
Patrick Lawler
Co-founder of ZacTax
2024 TeamZac