Amazon lockers, appraisal boards, and zoning reform

In this episode, we talk about:
  • The sales tax implications of Amazon lockers and whether remote taxpayers should be subjected to detailed audits to verify that their tax payments are accurate;
  • Recent changes to Appraisal Board composition and various other property tax topics a recent Y'allitics episode stirred up; and
  • Zoning reform measures likely headed to Texas in the next legislative session.
00:30 - April Fool's Day Recap
04:30 - No Soap Radio
08:45 - Amazon Lockers and auditing remote sales taxpayers
25:19 - Changes to Appraisal District board composition
46:18 - Zoning reform is coming to Texas


Creators and Guests

Chad Janicek
Co-founder of ZacTax
Patrick Lawler
Co-founder of ZacTax
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