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This episode of ZacCast is all about Rework, a book by the founders of Basecamp. We talk about some of the bigger principles in the book, like embracing constraints, thinking small, productivity killers, and the myth of culture creation. And we offer some ways to apply them to your city.

Haters gonna hate (local control)

We discuss the now-notorious Bonnen Tapes, in which the Speaker of the Texas House is caught outlining his desire to make life difficult for local governments across Texas. What does this mean for Texas cities, and does the public admission portend possible improvements to the state/local relationship?


On the origins of ZacTax, and the numerous failed side hustles that preceded it. We open up about how we got here and how we applied the lessons learned to our day jobs in city management.

The Trailer

Everyone has a podcast now, so we figured we should, too. Join us as we embark on what we hope will be a fun and engaging show about city management, including stories from the front lines about interesting and innovative things happening in the field. In this trailer, we introduce the show and talk about our goals for it.

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